Whether you are creating the most delicate of pastries or kneading the heaviest of doughs, the 6.9L Heavy Duty Stand Mixer has the power and stability to take on any task with ease. Designed specifically for professional chefs who demand perfection, this versatile machine will become the most reliable member of your kitchen team. With a full metal construction, high-efficiency DC motor, heavy duty bowl and durable stainless steel attachments, this robust stand mixer is built to stand the test of time. The heaviest dough is no match against the Power Knead Spiral Dough Hook, which rolls and punches doughs with unmatched efficiency. The 6.9L bowl provides a generous capacity, so you can prepare large batches quickly and easily. The 10-speed slide control with a soft start feature puts you in complete control of this powerful mixer. You can start at a lower speed and gradually increase the mixing speed when needed. The dishwasher-safe accessories and pouring shield makes it easy to maintain an immaculate kitchen, while the glossy white finish adds a pristine look that elegantly matches with the distinct KitchenAid design.
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