At Chefs’ Warehouse, we stock a wide range of Callebaut chocolate. Callebaut produces the finest Belgian chocolates with cocoa products, which are 100% sustainable. This means you can effortlessly add rich flavours and textures to your cuisine while using premium, ethically-sourced cooking chocolates. Callebaut chocolate is the first choice for many chefs and chocolatiers around the world. Browse our wide selection of Callebaut products to find the perfect addition to your next dish.

Callebaut Belgian Chocolate For Rich Delicacies

Callebaut Belgian chocolate is perfect for tying together sweet desserts. It can be used to create a velvety ganache, creamy chocolate sauces, or even decorative chocolate elements; such as curls or shavings. It can also be used as the key ingredient to add a layer of sophistication to your chocolate flavoured dessert. Some recipes can include chocolate truffles, a mousse, or even cakes.

Callebaut Delivered Australia Wide

We stock a varied selection of Callebaut chocolate. This way, you can find an adequate chocolate, with flavours which perfectly complement your dish. We stock Callebaut dark chocolate, Callebaut white chocolate, Callebaut milk chocolate, Callebaut cocoa powder, Callebaut ruby, and more. Our full range is available to shop via our Redfern store, with options for click and collect. Furthermore, you can have your premium Callebaut chocolate delivered straight to your home or place of work. Conveniently, we deliver our entire range of Callebaut chocolate across Australia.

Please Note

Chefs' Warehouse does not use refrigerated transport for chocolate deliveries. In our experience, this is generally no problem. However, customers are to be aware that Chefs’ Warehouse cannot be held liable for any damage or spoilage during shipping. Additionally, Chefs' Warehouse does not accept returns of perishable items.