A citrus reamer is a handheld juicer shaped like an inverted cone with a broad, blunt handle at the base. The cone has a ridged surface designed to get the greatest amount of juice from halved citrus fruits. Our range of juicers span from the fabulous handheld aluminum designs to the top of the range electric Santos juicer and the Skymsen bar type juicer

Citrus Juicers

At Chefs’ Warehouse, we’ve got all of the commercial citrus juicers you’ll ever need for your kitchen. Our collection of citrus juicers are specifically designed for restaurant and commercial services. With our high quality juicers, bringing the natural zest of oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits to your meals has never been easier.

Our range includes options for manual and machine juicers, each crafted to extract as much juice as possible with minimal effort, ensuring you capture every drop of flavour. The sleek designs of our juicers not only make them efficient but also a stylish addition to any restaurant kitchen.

Whether your chefs are serving up a refreshing lemonade, crafting a zesty marinade, or adding a citrus twist to a desert, our citrus juicers are the perfect tool for you. Explore our selection and see how they can be a part of your kitchen today!

An Array of Juicers Available

Manual citrus juicers and juicer machines each have their own distinct benefits when it comes to extracting fresh juice.

Manual juicers, favoured for their portability, require no electricity. They allow for total control over the juicing process, often preferred for softer fruits like citrus. Many are made in aluminium but there are also wood juicers available. These are gentle on fruits, preventing any metallic taste transfer, and are ideal for those who prefer eco-friendly kitchen tools. However, wood juicers require more careful maintenance to prevent damage to the device from moisture and acidity.

Juicer machines, which are electric, are ideal for extracting juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables, including tougher produce. They offer convenience, speed, and often yield more juice with less effort compared to manual juicers. This makes them likely more compatible for restaurant use, particularly if your cuisine relies heavily on it. However, both have their merits.

Why Commercial Grade Juicers are Important for Restaurants

Commercial juicers are crucial for restaurants as opposed to home juicers, due to their enhanced durability that makes it tailored for high-volume, continuous usage. Designed to withstand the wear and tear of a busy kitchen, commercial juicers are built with stronger motors and more robust components. They can handle a larger quantity and variety of fruits and vegetables without breaking down, a common limitation often found in domestic juicers.

Furthermore, commercial juicers often have faster processing capabilities, allowing for quicker juice extraction which is essential during peak dining hours. They also typically come with larger feed chutes, reducing prep time as fruits and vegetables don't need to be cut into smaller pieces.

In addition to efficiency and durability, hygiene and safety standards are higher in commercial juicers. They're designed for easy and thorough cleaning to meet food safety regulations, a critical aspect in a professional food service environment. Getting a commercial juicer machine will ensure you have a piece of equipment that lasts in your restaurant.

Reamers Delivered Australia Wide

Chef’s Warehouse can be trusted to equip your restaurant with a variety of high-quality citrus juicers. We understand the crucial role of efficient and reliable tools in the food service industry, especially when it comes to preparing fresh, flavorful drinks and deserts. This insight drives us to offer a diverse selection of commercial juicers, each carefully chosen to meet the demands of any culinary setting.

For busy restaurant owners in Sydney, our streamlined ordering process is a real time-saver. Simply place your order online or via phone, and your citrus juicers will conveniently be ready for pickup at our Redfern store located on Regent Street.

Chef’s Warehouse is also proud to extend our citrus juicer offerings nationwide, ensuring that bars, cafes, and hospitality professionals across Australia can access our premium range. We serve as your comprehensive source for top-quality citrus juicers, ideal for any hospitality venue.