A quality collection of cheese knives is essential for any skilled cook. As many different types of cheeses are used in a large variety of cuisine, it’s important that you have the right utensils you need to achieve consistent, uniform slices. At Chefs’ Warehouse, our collection of commercial cheese knives is sure to include the perfect blade befitting your needs. Browse our full offering of cheese knives to discover the perfect additions to your kitchen today.

Cheese Knife Sets For Culinary Experts

Whether you’re a professional chef, or a cheese aficionado, owning a cheese knife set with a selection of blades will allow you to effortlessly serve your favourite cheese with finesse. Cheese knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed to handle a different type of cheese. From soft and creamy brie to hard and crumbly cheddar, there's a cheese knife that's been designed for every specific consistency.

Keep It Consistent With Our Intuitive Cheese Blades

If you’re regularly cooking meals which feature cheese as an ingredient, then stocking your kitchen with commercial-grade cheese knives will allow you to consistently achieve the perfect slice.

Soft cheeses often have a high moisture content and a creamy, spreadable texture. They are regularly featured in a variety of dishes, including appetisers, main courses, and desserts. Some popular examples include Brie, Camembert, & Ricotta. When preparing these types of cheese cheeses, it’s advisable to use a soft cheese knife.

On the other end of the spectrum comes knives that are designed for harder cheese. These are best suited to cheeses with low moisture content, and have a firm, crumbly texture. Hard cheeses are often used as a topping for certain dishes. Some examples include Parmesan which is typically grated over pasta, and Cheddar which is commonly grated over casseroles, baked potatoes, and other popular American cuisine.

Having a cheese knife set which contains a collection of blades perfect for a range of textures means you’ll be prepared to take on any meal. Make sure to browse our full offering to discover the blade that’s best suited to your favourite cheese.

Commercial Cheese Knives Delivered Australia-Wide

It’s never been easier to stock up on commercial-grade cheese knives. Making your order online or via the phone enables you to click and collect your cheese blades from our flagship Redfern store.

Our offering isn’t limited to those with the means to visit our store. We deliver our full online catalogue Australia wide. With all of the best cheese blades available in one store, Chefs’ Warehouse is your one-stop-shop for quality kitchen utensils.