At Chefs’ Warehouse, we supply a premium collection of dark Callebaut chocolate preferred by professional Australian pâtissiers. Characterised by their robust flavour profiles, dark Callebaut chocolate features much higher cocoa content when compared to conventional milk chocolate and white chocolate. This lends itself greatly to recipes that call for a rich earthy taste with a hint of bitterness. Browse our full range to discover premium Callebaut dark chocolates to feature in your next dish.

Finest Callebaut Dark Chocolates For Exceptional Baking Results

Our offering of dark Callebaut chocolate is varied so that you may find the best confectionery to complement your dish. The classic 811 couverture is Callebaut’s take on a traditional dark chocolate recipe. Its cocoa content is conservative compared to their other dark chocolates, but still grants the sophisticated taste you come to expect from dark chocolate.

There is also the 70/30 range of Callebaut dark chocolates, which contains some of the highest cocoa content out of all of their couvertures. It features an intense roasted cocoa flavour with subtle fruity hints. We also stock a couple of different types of callets from Callebaut’s range of specialty dark chocolates. These include Sao Thomé Single Origin Callets, as well as the vegan-friendly NXT Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Callets.

These recipes also come in varied forms. You can either enjoy Callebaut dark chocolate callets or an entire Callebaut dark chocolate block. Callets are typically favoured for their small and uniform sizing. This makes them convenient for melting and incorporating into recipes, however, a whole block offers greater flexibility in the kitchen. For instance, its sizing makes it possible to grate the chocolate to create shavings.

Discover The Market’s Best Dark Callets For Your Culinary Masterpieces

It’s no secret that quality recipes call for quality ingredients. This is why we only stock couvertures from the world’s most reputable chocolatiers. Callebaut have established themselves as the premier craftsmen of gourmet dark chocolate callets. Their dark Callebaut chocolate achieves its distinct flavour profile by sourcing cocoa beans from multiple countries of origin: Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, and Ecuador. This unique blend is what separates Callebaut dark chocolate callets from alternatives on the market. 

The exception to this is the Sao Thomé Single Origin blend. As the name suggests, the chocolate’s cocoa content is exclusively sourced from the Central African island. This region has a deep connection with cocoa production as it is the home of the Amelonado. This is the plant that gives the Sao Thomé Single Origin dark callets a fruity taste. 

In addition to Callebaut’s penchant for premium cocoa beans, they have also been crafting some of the finest Belgian chocolate for over a century. The dark Callebaut chocolate available at Chefs’ Warehouse today is a couverture that has been refined by decades of artistry. Shop our Callebaut dark chocolate chips today, and incorporate these astringent dark callets into your next recipes.

Fast, Australia-Wide Shipping For Dark Callebaut Chocolate

It’s never been easier to stock up your pantry with the finest Belgian chocolate available on the market. All of our Callebaut dark chocolates are available to purchase in person at our Redfern store, or online via our website. Shipping is available Australia wide. Furthermore, we also offer a convenient click & collect option. This way, we can have your Callebaut dark chocolates ready for you to pick up from the moment you enter our store.

Please Note

Chefs' Warehouse does not use refrigerated transport for chocolate deliveries. In our experience, this is generally no problem. However, customers are to be aware that Chefs’ Warehouse cannot be held liable for any damage or spoilage during shipping. Additionally, Chefs' Warehouse does not accept returns of perishable items.