Contemporary Commercial Kitchen Equipment for the Chef Who Evolves With the Times

Are you a restaurant or café owner who knows that you can only prepare world-class meals in a well-equipped kitchen? Perhaps you’re a pastry chef who aspires to deliver the kind of quality bakes that you’d find in a Parisian patisserie? We provide a variety of excellent commercial kitchen equipment to chefs, caterer suppliers, and the public. We will get your phone or online purchase to you no matter where in Australia you are.


Online pricing is always negotiable so please call us to discuss your equipment options.

For an Efficient Kitchen, Try Our Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Sydney

Our easy-to-use and durable equipment ensure that you’re investing in the convenience and longevity of a product when you buy from us. You can also look forward to the following when you choose us as your restaurant supplier:

  • Personalised and tailored. We offer a range of restaurant supplies suitable for different types of establishments. So, whether you’re a corner coffee café or fine dining restaurant, we have the equipment to help you deliver delicious cuisine where customers keep coming back for more. We also sell to the public, and many of our products are suitable for home use.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced. We have been in operation since the 1980s, during which time we gained the experience necessary to adapt to an evolving industry. So, if you’ve been in the restaurant business for a while, you’ll notice our value immediately. However, if you’re still new to it all, you’ll probably need advice on modernising your operation. We can help make your small- or large-scale kitchen run as effectively as a celebrity chef’s. We’re also available on call from Mondays to Saturdays to answer your questions regarding commercial restaurant equipment.
  • One-stop shop. Besides restaurant equipment, we also have ingredients and couverture, chef’s tools, tableware, and bar items, to save you time.

Incorporate Innovation Into Your Eatery With Our Commercial Kitchen Supplies in Sydney

Based on industry needs, we provide equipment that combines technology and design for products that are easy to use, creating more time for inspired cooking. Here’s some of the cutting-edge equipment you can expect to find in our extensive range:

  • Beverage preparation. Our professional kitchen equipment includes blenders for menus, including smoothies, frozen drinks, and desserts. You can even make sauces with our Vitamix or Hamiltons 1, 1.4, or 2-litre liquidisers.
  • Food production. You can freshly make any pasta with our range of machines that are comfortable to hold and require little effort. Why not try out a pasta maker for your pie crusts or fondant cake icing? Make the most delectable mashed vegetables with our food mills which are part strainers and mashers that can also make soups, jams, and purees. Our food presses bind mixtures and press food into shapes and sizes that are easier to cut. You can rustle up a gourmet snack very quickly for the lunchtime crowd at your food truck with our toasters, grillers, and milkshake makers accompanied by a side of crispy potato chips made in one of our fryers. We’re thinking ice cream made in our Musso ice cream maker or a slice of cake with the help of our Planetary mixers for dessert.
  • Preservation and point of delivery goods. We provide various dehydrators to conserve your food while maintaining its flavour. Our steam pans, cookers, induction warmer, and hotplates will keep meals warm in a buffet-type setting.

Why Chefs’ Warehouse

In addition to our commercial kitchen supplies, we add value with the latest information in our up-to-date blogs. You can also find items on sale on our website from time to time.

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