At Chefs’ Warehouse, we have a great offering of gourmet cooking chocolate crafted by renowned chocolatiers from across the globe. Unlike your everyday confectionary, our range is favoured for culinary appliances. Designed to withstand the heat of cooking processes while imparting rich flavours and smooth textures, our range of cooking-grade chocolate is the perfect addition to a number of classic recipes.

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Wide Range Of Gourmet Flavours

We offer an assortment of chocolates, which are each best suited to match the flavour profiles you’re trying to achieve with your dish. Milk cooking chocolate sports the classic taste of your favourite supermarket confectioneries. On the other hand, dark cooking chocolate offers more robust flavours, with varying levels of bitterness depending on the cocoa percentage. There is also white cooking chocolate, which is characterised by its distinct creamy and indulgent flavours. 

Are you a chef who likes to cater to those with special dietary requirements? We’ve got you covered. Here at the Chef’s Warehouse, we offer some options for vegan cooking chocolate. Our range of dairy-free cooking chocolate maintains all the great flavour with none of the animal products.

Best Cooking Chocolate Australia Has On The Market

Versatile and decadent, chocolate proves to be a great addition to a number of classic confectioneries. Every chef knows that their dish can only be as good as the ingredients they source. This is why we only serve the best cooking chocolate Australia has on the market. Browse our full collection, and stock your kitchen with only the highest quality ingredients and utensils with Chefs’ Warehouse.

Fast, Australia-Wide Delivery For Bulk Cooking Chocolate

Chefs’ Warehouse is the one-stop shop for all restaurant owners and home-cook enthusiasts that need bulk cooking chocolate delivered to their kitchen. We deliver all across Australia, so you can have quality ingredients shipped straight to your home or place of work. Local residents may also be interested in visiting our Redfern store, where our friendly staff members can assist you with any culinary queries you may have. We also offer click & collect options when making orders via the phone or online.

Please Note

Chefs' Warehouse does not use refrigerated transport for chocolate deliveries. In our experience, this is generally no problem. However, customers are to be aware that Chefs’ Warehouse cannot be held liable for any damage or spoilage during shipping. Additionally, Chefs' Warehouse does not accept returns of perishable items.