A Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Your restaurant runs on your passion for preparing food that brings people joy and celebrates your story as a chef. Using professional kitchen equipment in your establishment helps you streamline your food preparation process and creates a workflow that encourages consistency in the kitchen. Chefs’ Warehouse stocks and supplies thousands of kitchen essentials for bakers, chefs, caterers, and restaurant owners across Australia.

Four Restaurant Equipment Essentials for Culinary Professionals

As every chef knows, delicious food starts with careful preparation. Owning the right restaurant kitchen equipment is the first step towards creating a memorable menu. Here is a list of essential tools you’ll want to invest in during your culinary career.

  • Food processors. Our range of Robot Coupe processors can chop, slice or puree raw ingredients or cooked food for you - saving your kitchen staff valuable time during busy shifts. Processors typically collect the processed food in a built-in container or eject sliced ingredients through a chute into a separate bowl. Choose a processor with the horsepower, attachments, and capacity you need to meet your dinner service demands.
  • Mixers. A mixer is invaluable in a commercial kitchen, especially if your predominant menu feature is pizza or bread. You can also use a mixer to make mashed potatoes and sauces, and it shines as a dessert preparation staple. Floor-mounted mixers are suited for heavy-duty use in pizzerias and bakeries, while countertop mixers are usually sufficient for preparing occasional desserts and doughs. A simple stick mixer is ideal for making soups and sauces right from the stove.
  • Commercial cookware. Make sure you have enough cookware to accommodate preparing every item on your menu in one shift. High-quality cast-iron casseroles and pans distribute and hold heat better than their steel or aluminium alternatives, helping you fry food with precision. Stocking your restaurant with saucepans, frying pans, stockpots, and steamers keeps your chefs well-equipped with the right tools for every job.
  • Kitchen utensils. Make sure you keep a robust collection of kitchen utensils to prepare any dish with ease. You’ll need to build your utensil collection as your menu evolves. Offering fresh seafood might require fish scalers or oyster knives, while adding pizza to your menu requires pizza preparation tools, such as pizza cutters, peels, and trays. Invest in high-quality chef’s knives and keep them sharp for cleaner cuts, neater slices, and faster work.

How To Choose the Best Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Professional kitchen equipment is an investment in your restaurant, and you should choose the tools best suited to your needs. We offer an extensive range of restaurant equipment in Sydney, and our team will gladly help you choose the best options for your purposes. Here are a few factors to consider while you’re shopping for commercial kitchen supplies.

  • Space considerations. Restaurant equipment can be bulky, and you need to find products that fit comfortably in your space. Measure the equipment before buying it and plan your kitchen layout to accommodate ease of movement and workflow during a shift. Consider hiring a commercial kitchen design specialist to make this process easier for you. Choosing multi-functional equipment is another simple way to save space.
  • The food on your menu. Visiting a kitchen supply store presents you with so many exciting restaurant equipment options that it’s easy to get carried away. Decide what you need most to prepare the food on your menu and ask for professional advice if you’re unsure of the best purchases to make. Focus on your speciality dishes first - you can always build your equipment collection as your restaurant grows.
  • The volume of orders you prepare. Restaurant equipment usually comes in various sizes with different storage capacities and processing power. Choose heavy-duty mixers, blenders and processors if you need a constant flow of prepared ingredients available on demand. More powerful machinery often uses more energy and takes up more space - consider your customer base and their needs before buying industrial equipment.
  • The future of your restaurant. How future-proof is your current equipment? When buying new kitchen accessories and tools, think about where you see your restaurant in five years against the current industry trends. An increase in eco-conscious customers could mean adding more plant-based meals to your menu, potential energy usage laws could affect the machinery you buy, and future expansion could allow you to buy bigger equipment.

Choose Chefs’ Warehouse for Quality Kitchen Equipment in Sydney

Chefs’ Warehouse is a leading kitchen supply store in Sydney, and we deliver professional restaurant equipment Australia-wide. We have over 30 years of industry experience providing personalised advice to culinary professionals and business owners in the hospitality industry. Our friendly team will gladly help you choose equipment best suited to your restaurant’s needs.

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