Our range of mandoline slicers have made it easier than ever to achieve restaurant quality cuts and slices. Whether you’re a professional chef, or a home cook looking to take your culinary expertise to the next level, our offering of mandoline slicers make it effortless to create perfectly sliced fruits and vegetables. Browse through our full selection below to discover the next best addition to your kitchen pantry.

Mandolines For Culinary Experts

At Chefs’ Warehouse, our collection of mandoline slicers come in a variety of sizes and styles. This includes a selection of premium Japanese mandolines from the prestigious manufacturer, Benriner. From compact handheld models to larger countertop slicers, our selection features designs to meet the specific needs of your kitchen and cuisine of choice. 

The best chefs also understand the importance of exercising caution in the kitchen. Our range of commercial mandolines come with safety features to prevent cuts and injuries. These include safety grips and finger guards. Combined with the fact that our range of mandolines have been manufactured exclusively with the highest quality materials means that you can reliably stay chopping in the kitchen day after day.

Keep Your Cuts Consistent With A Commercial Mandoline Slicer

One of the key benefits of using a mandoline slicer is the precision and consistency it provides. With a mandoline slicer, you can achieve perfectly uniform slices with ease, which can help improve the presentation of your dishes and ensure even cooking times.

In addition to their precision, they are also highly versatile cutting tools.A mandoline can be used to cut produce of varying consistencies. From delicate fruits such as tomatoes, to tougher vegetables like carrots. You also have the ability to adjust your mandoline to change the thickness of your slices. This way you can fine tune your cuts to suit your recipe.

Kitchen Mandonlines Delivered Australia-Wide

Our range of mandolines are available at our Redfern store. With Click & Collect options available via phone and our website, we can have your order ready for you by the time you step into our store. 

Though we know how busy it can get in the kitchen. Don’t have the time or means to pick up a chef mandoline in person? That’s not an issue because we deliver our entire catalogue of chef tools across Australia. This way you can have your premium mandoline slicers delivered straight to your home or place of work. Explore our full range to discover the best mandoline for your kitchen today.