Pizza Trays & Utensils

Chef’s Warehouse has a premium collection of pizza trays and pizza utensils, for commercial kitchen use. Creating the perfect pizza requires not just skill, but also the right tools during the process. That’s why we’ve curated a range of high-quality, durable pizza trays and utensils, designed to meet the needs of any busy pizzeria, restaurant, eatery, or catering service.

Our selection includes a variety of pizza trays, from traditional to deep dish, each engineered to deliver even heat distribution and a perfectly cooked crust every time. Complementing these are our top-of-the-line pizza utensils - from pizza cutters with sharp blades to sturdy, well-balanced pizza peels, ensuring seamless handling and serving.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pizzeria or a bustling eatery looking to streamline your pizza-making process, our products promise to enhance your efficiency and pizza quality. Explore our collection and equip your kitchen with a perfect pizza tray for oven cooked perfection.

Wide Selection Of Pizza Utensils

Pizza utensils are essential in crafting and serving the perfect pizza, each tool playing a unique role in the process. Some of these tools include:

  • Pizza Cutters: These are used for slicing your pizza into neat, even portions. Pizza wheels feature a sharp rolling blade, ensuring a clean cut through toppings and crust, for immaculate presentation.
  • Pizza Peel: This is used for safely placing pizzas into and removing them from hot ovens. Its broad, flat surface allows for easy handling of the pizza, ensuring it retains its shape.
  • Pizza Oven Brush: Vital for maintaining the cleanliness of the pizza oven. Its stiff bristles remove burnt flour, cheese, and toppings, as well as grease, ensuring a hygienic cooking surface for each pizza.
  • Pizza Scissors: These pizza slicers are the perfect utensils for cutting and serving your dish. They provide precision with ease, especially useful for thick crusts or heavily topped pizzas, making them a novel addition to any pizza-making arsenal.

Best Aluminium Pizza Trays On The Market

At Chefs’ Warehouse, we offer supreme aluminium pizza trays. These are ultimately great choices as they have excellent heat conductivity, which ensures an even heat distribution across its surface. This leads to uniformly cooked pizzas with perfectly baked crusts. Aluminium is also known for its lightweight nature, making these trays easy to handle, a particularly useful trait in a bustling kitchen environment.

Moreover, their ability to quickly heat up and cool down not only speeds up the baking process but also aids in safer handling after baking. These benefits culminate in a more than viable option for your kitchen’s needs.

Commercial Pizza Pans Delivered Australia Wide

Looking for top-quality pizza trays and pizza utensils for your restaurant? If you're in Sydney and need quality commercial pizza pans and utensils promptly, our click and collect service is here to help. Just place your order online or give us a call, and your pizza trays and utensils will be ready for pickup at our convenient Redfern location.

We do not just serve Sydney-based businesses. We're thrilled to offer nationwide shipping for our entire range of pizza pans and utensil options, ensuring that pizzerias, restaurants, and food vendors all across Australia can access our outstanding selection.

Explore our pizza trays and utensils for the perfect solution to baking and serving your delicious pizzas. Simplify your shopping experience by finding all your pizza-making needs in one place. Place your order today, whether online or by phone, and have your commercial pizza pans and utensils delivered directly to your establishment.