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Exceptional Cooks Use Appropriate Chef Utensils

Chefs and restaurant owners know they can only prepare the food a customer orders if they have the equipment allowing them to do so.

  • You appreciate that kitchen equipment is critical to the proper functioning of your eatery as it impacts the quality of the fare and the service you provide. Your staff will save time and produce food that tastes delicious and presents well if they have the right resources.
  • Purchase a versatile set of quality utensils - that serve various functions and are easy to use and maintain - at a reasonable price from us to accomplish these goals.
  • Achieve cooking success and fast turnaround with as little frustration as possible in the fast-paced food preparation business. You must be ready to produce and distribute large orders to hungry clients quickly and effectively, which you can only accomplish if you have the means to do the job.
  • We sell the chef equipment you need in your Sydney kitchen to prepare an extensive range of quality dishes and baked goods. Make your job easier with the fish scalers, gnocchi bats, trussing needles, tongs, blenders, meat mincers, pressers, and food mills we provide.

Why not make a list of everything you still need or must replenish and place your order today? If you’re unsure which products will suit your kitchen best, we can guide you.

We Offer Chef Supplies Pick-Up in Sydney and Australia-Wide Delivery

You can click and collect your products from our Redfern restaurant suppliers, whether you are a business owner or a member of the public. Order by phone or online for Australia-wide delivery.

  • Get your chef supplies from us and save time and energy. We provide a tailored, personalised service and everything you may need if you run a food preparation business or work in the hospitality industry. Get in touch Monday to Saturday if you want to discuss your options.
  • We offer essential gadgets and implements plus specialty time-saving chef tools and kitchenware. View our knives, falafel portioners, pudding steamers, tortilla pressers, fish poachers, pasta drying racks, egg cutters, and much more.
  • Our cookware collection includes cast iron, industry blue-, black-, stainless steel, Teflon, non-stick, and aluminium fry pans. We also offer steamers, roasters, woks, and stockpots.
  • Bakeware and patisserie supplies include much-needed bread-making implements, moulds, cooling racks, rings, frames, and cutters.
  • Keep your kitchen orderly and clean after food prep–the cleaning process becomes time-consuming if you delay it after shaping, portioning, and serving your customers.
  • Purchase the cleaning products you need, break the task down into small units, and turn cleaning into a controllable rather than overwhelming job.

We offer containers, storage bins, and all the utensils you require for food preparation, cooking, baking, and plating. Outfit the centre of your restaurant, cafeteria, or pub where the principal activities occur with the finest.

What Else Does Chefs’ Warehouse Provide?

We sell couverture patisserie ingredients, a range of syrups, and savoury items such as cornichons, Iranian saffron, and Dijon mustard. We also offer an extensive range of serving ware. You can register for a trade account if you have an Australian business number.

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