Chef Tools

At Chefs’ Warehouse, you can find all of the chef tools required to prepare any dish of your liking. From simple snacks to intricate culinary delights, we offer a chef’s essentials necessary to serve delicious cuisine to your guests and patrons. Our offering of chef supplies includes an eclectic collection of tools and utensils, chef uniforms, and even kitchen storage solutions. If you’re scrambling to find premium chef tools to perfect your signature specialty dishes, don’t settle for less. Browse our full range of chef tools to find everything you need to complete your commercial kitchen.

Chef’s Essentials For Culinary Artists, Bakers, Pastry Chefs & Caterers

We understand that chefs and restaurant owners require commercial-grade kitchen equipment to prepare food that they can be proud to serve their customers. We’re a team of culinary enthusiasts, who appreciate that professional chef tools are critical to the proper functioning of your eatery as it impacts the quality of the fare, and the service you provide. Utilising commercial-grade chef tools and equipment enables your staff to save time, and produce food that tastes delicious and presents well.

If your establishment is renowned for serving specialty dishes then consumer-grade chef tools simply won’t cut it. It can be especially frustrating trying to source uncommon chef tools that aren’t readily available on the market. Chefs’ Warehouse takes all the stress out of sourcing a variety of professional chef utensils by offering over 8,000 tools which are available to order online. This includes but is certainly not limited to fish scalers, gnocchi bats, trussing needles, tongs, blenders, meat mincers, pressers, food mills, and much more.

Prepare Exceptional Dishes With Quality Chef Utensils

Stocking your kitchen with a set of premium chef tools will ensure that you will always be armed with the proper utensils needed to serve all of your desired functions. Furthermore, all of our chef supplies are simple to maintain, which is conducive to managing an organised kitchen.

Having the correct chef tools needed to efficiently prepare every item on your menu is imperative to keeping your establishment operating smoothly. This is because professional chef tools are intuitive to use, and allows your cooks to achieve a fast turnaround with great finesse. In an industry as fast-paced as hospitality, this is especially important as there are always going to be hungry mouths you don’t want to keep waiting.

Explore our full collection of chef tools to discover a range of useful supplies and utensils that’ll get your kitchen in working order. Backed by decades of industry experience, we’ve accrued extensive knowledge of the catering industry. If you’re unsure as to which products will suit your kitchen, get in touch with us to discuss your best options today.

Chef Supplies Conveniently Delivered Australia Wide


It’s never been easier to stock your kitchen with commercial-grade chef tools. Are you wondering “where can I find quality chef equipment near me?” Conveniently, Sydney locals in a rush to order a chef’s essentials will be glad to know that we offer convenient click and collect options. Simply order by phone or online, and your chef tools will be ready for you by the time we welcome you into our flagship Redfern store.

Though our wide range of chef tools and equipment aren’t exclusively limited to Sydney caterers either. Our entire collection of chef tools are available to be ordered Australia wide. Chefs’ Warehouse is your one-stop shop for premium kitchen supplies and utensils. As such, you can save your time and energy by effortlessly stocking your establishment with everything you need all at once. Order by phone or online today to have your chef tools delivered straight to your home or workplace.


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