Chef’s Warehouse has a range of crockery where elegance meets functionality in every piece! Our carefully curated selection offers a diverse range of high-quality commercial tableware, designed to elevate your restaurant setup. Our collection caters to all your commercial needs.

Crafted from the finest materials such as classic porcelain, fine china, and elegant ceramic, our crockery will present your food with style. Each piece in our collection combines beauty with practicality, making them perfect for presenting food in a commercial setting. From textured shapes to timeless classics, we have something to match your eatery.

Our range includes essential dinner plates, charming salad plates, versatile soup bowls, and elegant serving platters. We understand that choosing the right crockery is an essential part of meal presentation, which is why we offer options that cater to various culinary needs - be it a casual family dinner, a sophisticated brunch, or a bustling restaurant service.

Explore our commercial crockery collection and discover the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Elevate customer dining experience with our exquisite selection of crockery, where each meal becomes a celebration of style and quality.

A Diverse Range of Tableware Crockery

At Chef’s Warehouse, we have a range of tableware crockery pieces to serve your food on. These pieces include:

  • Our round plates, available in various sizes. These are the quintessential canvas for your culinary creations, blending seamlessly with any table setting.

    Butter dishes, crafted with attention to detail, preserve and present your butter beautifully, enhancing every breakfast spread or dinner experience for customers.
  • Your customers will be able to dive into comfort food with specially designed pasta bowls, perfect for twirling spaghetti or cradling a hearty risotto.
  • Tapas dishes offer a stylish way to serve small plates and appetisers for any cuisine or catering setting.
  • Our versatile ramekins are ideal for individual desserts, dips, or appetisers, transitioning effortlessly from oven to table.

These are just some of the crockery pieces we have available that will elevate every meal served to truly satisfy your customers.

Commercial Dinnerware to Sustain Restaurant Use

Why exactly is it important that restaurants invest in commercial dinnerware? Unlike home used dinnerware, commercial dinnerware is essential for restaurants due to its enhanced durability and professional appearance. Commercial-grade dinnerware is designed to withstand the rigours of a busy restaurant. It is crafted to really resist chips, cracks, and scratches, ensuring it remains presentable even after frequent use and washing cycles.

Additionally, commercial dinnerware often features a uniform and elegant design, contributing to the establishment's aesthetic and dining experience. These pieces are also typically made to handle extreme temperatures, making them suitable for various cooking and serving conditions.

Australia Wide Delivery of Commercial Crockery

Looking for top-tier crockery for your restaurant? If you're in Sydney and require quality commercial crockery immediately, our click and collect service is here to help. Easily place your order online or over the phone, and your commercial dinnerware will be ready for pickup at our convenient Redfern location.
But it's not just Sydney restaurateurs who can enjoy our exquisite collection. We're delighted to extend our shipping service for our entire range of crockery across Australia.

Turn to our crockery collection for a seamless solution to finding premium plates, bowls, and serving pieces for your eatery. Simplify your shopping experience by choosing everything you need from one place. Order today, either online or by phone, and have your sophisticated crockery pieces delivered straight to your doorstep.