Making fresh pasta at home has never been so easy. This hand-operated pasta machine from Imperia produces sheets as wide as 150mm and with a choice of six different thicknesses, the chrome-plated machine is incredibly robust and long-lasting.

As standard the Imperia Pasta machine will enable you to make many types of pasta, such as spaghetti, tagliatelle, lasagne sheets which can in turn be used to make ravioli and cannelloni.

The cutter section can easily be removed and attachments can be purchased separately and added to make other types of pasta, such as linguini, lasagnette and ravioli to name a few.

The wooden handle is comfortable to hold and can be operated with the minimum of effort, guaranteeing professional results with a far superior taste and texture.

Imperia also makes a motor attachment for this machine, no need to hand wind the machine or clamp it down to your bench top.

Included is a double cutter to make spaghetti and tagliatelle  and clamp to secure the machine down to your bench top