With dozens of natural & creative flavours, MONIN has become the trusted brand of choice among bartenders and baristas worldwide. Delicious cordial flavours including elderflower, passionfruit, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and many more. If you cannot see the flavour you want, please call or email us and we'll get it in for you.

Syrup is the unsung hero of any cafe or bar a customer walks into. They add flavour, whether subtle or bold, to the many drinks and deserts on a menu. At Chefs Warehouse, we understand that having good quality syrup can largely improve the taste of a drink. This is why our range of wholesale syrups are of utmost quality and bursting with delicious flavour.

Syrup is the perfect ingredient to be placed behind the counter of your bar or cafe, ready to be pumped and served into a drink or dessert with absolute ease. With delicious flavours and large wholesale syrup sizes to choose from, we have wonderfully delicious and high quality syrups to remain a lasting staple for your bar or cafe.

Monin Syrup is Perfect for Hospitality Use

Our range of high quality wholesale syrup comes from Monin. Monin is a French family company that produces syrups, liqueurs and fruit purees. Founded in 1912 and headquartered in Bourges, France, their products are used by professional and home cooks all over the world to add flavour to a variety of drinks and desserts. Their syrups are used in 140 countries making them truly renowned for being a trusted brand for hospitality ventures and companies across the world.
They are the perfect addition to cafes, cocktail bars, and beyond. Monin syrups can be used to make a variety of drinks, including cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, and milkshakes. They can also be used to flavour desserts, such as pancakes, waffles, mousses and ice cream. A flavourful and sweetening component of many meals and drinks, it definitely has a place in your restaurant or catering service.
When purchasing Monin syrup, you may like to check out the syrup pumps we also have on offer. These are designed to perfectly fit the 700ml syrup bottles we have in stock. These pumps easily allow you to pour syrup out of the bottle without necessary mess. It ensures you have got ideal portions so you can create the most delicious drinks and desserts for customers to eat.

Wide Selection of Wholesale Syrups to Choose From

Our range of syrups comes in a variety of flavours. Whether they are for coffee or cocktails, you’ll find Monin’s wholesale syrup brings an unbeatable element to the drinks you serve. Some of the flavours of Monin syrup we have on offer here at Chefs’ Warehouse include:

  • Monin vanilla syrup: This is made with real vanilla extract, ensuring a rich, creamy flavour. It is a versatile syrup that can be used in a variety of drinks and desserts. You can use it in classic cocktails, mocktails, coffees and desserts.
  • Monin caramel syrup: This classic syrup has a rich, buttery flavour with a strong sweetness. It is another versatile syrup that can be used in a variety of drinks and desserts, most notably in chilled iced drinks.
  • Monin strawberry syrup: Reminiscent of the beloved fruit, it has a sweet and fruity flavour. It is perfect for adding to a variety of drinks such as smoothies and milkshakes, as well as desserts.
  • Monin watermelon syrup: A refreshing and juicy flavour that is perfect for serving atop of drinks such as cocktails, mocktails and smoothies.
  • Monin passion fruit syrup: Featuring a sweet and tart flavour that is perfect for adding to a variety of iconic fruity cocktails and desserts.
  • Monin lychee syrup: Like the beloved fruit, this syrup has a sweet and floral flavour. It is perfect for adding to drinks and deserts, from martinis to mousses.

With all these enticing flavours, these wholesale syrups sound too good to pass up. Whether you want to restock on a classic flavour such as vanilla, or try out the unique Monin lychee syrup we are sure you will be more than satisfied.

Gourmet Monin Syrup Delivered Australia-Wide

It’s never been easier to stock your kitchen with delicious syrups. There’s no better place than the Chefs’ Warehouse to get a range of wholesale syrups to add a burst of flavour to your drinks and food. Sydney restaurant owners in a rush to order syrups will be glad to know that we offer convenient click and collect options. Simply order by phone or online, and your syrups will be ready for you by the time we welcome you into our store located in Redfern.

Even better, our wholesale syrups aren’t just exclusively limited to Sydney caterers either. Our entire collection of syrups are available to be ordered Australia wide. Chefs’ Warehouse is your one-stop shop for premium, flavourful syrups for your cafe, bar, or hospitality establishment. As such, you can save your time and energy by effortlessly stocking your restaurant with everything you need all at once by simply ordering. Order by phone or online today to have your syrups delivered straight to your restaurant with ease.