Chefs' Warehouse do not use refrigerated courier transport. Please consider if this is the correct option for your situation. Please note we cannot refund or exchange any food products. Create with the master in cocoa, milk & caramel. If you're looking for an iconic milk chocolate preferred by chefs worldwide, Recipe N° 823 is the way to go. Think a deep, warm colour, smooth cocoa body and sweet, caramelly notes to top it all off. This well-loved chocolate has a full-bodied taste and great workability. Pair it with a wide range of powerful spicy, fruity, dairy or liqueur-like flavours. Its all-round fluidity makes it efficient in any application. Kosher(D), Halal rich cocoa - balanced - milky - hints of caramel 33.6% min. Cocoa 30.2%Cocoa butter 4.9% Fat free cocoa 20.8% min. Milk 6% Milk fat 15.8% Fat free milk 36.2% Fat 30.2% Cocoa butter 6% Milk fat
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