This Matfer Bourgeat stainless steel egg topper removes the tops of eggs with just a pop! Use this handy tool to prepare soft-boiled eggs for service. It's a quick and efficient addition for any cafe, hotel breakfast bar, bistro, or restaurant. This egg topper is made of durable stainless steel constructed for daily use in your commercial kitchen. To create a perfect presentation of your soft-boiled eggs, simply place this topper on top of the egg and pull the spring-loaded knob. The vibrations created once the knob is released cracks the egg in a perfect circle. The top of the egg may lift off once you remove the topper, or simply use a spoon to remove. Using a topper allows the egg to retain its shape during service. Place it in an egg cup and serve with a spoon, bread for dipping, and your signature side. This topper is the mess-free solution to creating a beautiful presentation for guests to enjoy!
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