Separate fat and calories from gravy, soup, stock and sauces easily with the Avanti® Gravy Separator. It is ideal for lowering fat, oil and cholesterol intake by separating the fat from meat juices. Featuring an integrated heat resistant removable strainer lid to filter food from the gravy can be removed for use as a measuring cup. Simple to use, just pour hot meat juice, soup or stock into gravy separator. The lid strains away lumps. The fat will then rise to the top in a light coloured layer. The jug is designed to pour its contents from the bottom separating the fat and food from gravy and sauces. Then pour out the good, fat-separated juices only via the drip-free spout. A great addition to any kitchen and an essential item for the health conscious cook! 500ml/2 Cup capacity Removable heat resistant strainer Drip free spout Ergonomic handle Measuring scale on side Dishwasher safe
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