World renowned Fabio Leonardi - FLB - electric motor for meat mincing and sauce making. Made in Italy. The MR9 machine has a 1hp motor, running at 120 revolutions per minute. Forward and a pulse reverse switch There are steel driving gears and permanent grease lubrication, making for a strong and reliable motor. This machine comes with #22 mincing attachment minces at 100-300 kgs meat per hour. The attachment is cast steel with a niploy coating, niploy is a food safe corrosion free material that is designed to last. With a large Stainless steel feed tray - 30 x 22.5 x 5 cm Depth The mincing attachment comes with a number 10 plate (with 10mm holes) as standard, please specify in notes if you require a different size. Never run your machine dry. Always be sure to have meat in the hopper before turning the unit on. After each use you want to disassemble the machine parts and wash them thoroughly with water and a mild non corrosive detergent. Once all parts are clean dry any remaining moisture from all parts. Refer to the instruction manual for further cleaning and maintenance information.
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