The Alphamix 2 is a design collaboration between Robot Coupe and Matfer It can Knead bread dough, 600gr up to 1.2 Kg at a humidity of 60% Whisk from 1 to 8 egg whites and obtain up to 4.5 Ltrs of whisked white Mix up to 2.1Kg of sweet dough or 1 Kg of softened butter. This professional kitchen appliance has a power supply of 550Watts, 230 Volts and 50Hz for the 5L litre version, while the 8L version’s power supply is 700Watts, 230 Volts and 50Hz. The 5L Alphamix food blender has a robust universal motor mounted on ball bearings yet is very quiet when operating. The maintenance-free motor is provides even power distribution and does not contain wearing parts or fuel, while a single plug ensures simple operation. The 8L version of the Alphamix has an induction motor, give it greater reliability and longevity and making it more suitable to the bowl’s capacity. The motor, like the blender as a whole, has been designed with the user experience in mind. It will help you prepare dishes so that you can offer your customers the most delicate dishes while working in complete safety and record time. It combines efficiency and practicality throughout its life span.
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