Manufactured in France, this pastry brush consists of natural boar hair bristles that are not chemically treated, making it suitable for food contact, along with a composite material handle and collar. Contrary to silicone or synthetic, our natural boar bristles do a superb job of retaining fluids thanks to its softness and flexibility which can be helpful in producing the most amount of payoff onto your desired product. The handle and collar are sealed, so that the head cannot be removed from the handle making this brush resistant to humidity and not easy to breed bacteria, while also preventing bristles from falling out further increasing this brush’s durability and longevity. The handle is additionally constructed with a hole at the end for convenient storage and accessibility when the need arises. Unlike other natural and boar bristle brushes, Matfer’s pastry brush is temperature resistant up to 482°F, and thanks to its hygenic design, is dishwasher safe, making clean up as easy and convenient as ever. Please note: To limit the loss of bristles always soak the brush for 1 hour in clear water before using for the first time. 5cm Bristle Length. Handle Length 12cm Made in France.
Qty available: 4 SKU: PA020

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