Keep your food fresh and secure with the help of these Clear Food Polycarbonate SteamPan. This food pan is a versatile addition to your kitchen because it can be used to prep, store, transport, and serve food items. Made of durable polycarbonate plastic for long-term use The food pan’s durable polycarbonate construction is resistant to stains and chemicals, which promotes increased longevity in addition to added flavor and freshness protection. Clear construction allows you to quickly identify contents Thanks to the clear material, this food pan offers optimum visibility for quick product identification. Available in 65mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm depths to hold greater amounts of food A spoonable bottom makes removing contents easier, allowing your guests or employees to scoop up every bit of food, reducing food waste. Heat resistant. This pan can withstand temperatures ranging from -40C to 100C degrees so that it can be used in various storage and serving locations. Capacity indicators allow for easy inventory management Includes capacity indicators molded in the side in litre measurements so that you can quickly and easily do inventory management and measure out how much you need of any product.
Qty available: 9 SKU: SP424

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