R 402 V.V. Food Processor: Cutter/Vegetable Slicer equipped with a cutter attachment for chopping, fine mincing, emulsions, grinding and kneading, and a Vegetable preparation attachment for slicing, grating, ripple cut slicing, julienne, dicing and making French fries. R 402 V.V. Food Processor: Cutter/Vegetable Slicer. Single phase. Power 1000W. Variable speed from 300 to 1000 rpm in vegetable preparation function and 300 to 3500 rpm in cutter function. 4.5 litre stainless steel cutter bowl and smooth bowl-base blade assembly. Vegetable preparation attachment with side ejection and stainless steel bowl. Lid equipped with 2 hoppers : 1 large and 1 cylindrical hopper. Supplied with 4 stainless steel discs: 2 and 4 mm slicers, 2 mm graters and 4x4 mm julienne. Large range of more than 23 discs as option. 20 to 100 meals.
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