From famed French blacksmiths K-Sabatier, a classic knife that has a home in any kitchen or knife roll. These knives are thicker and heavier than our Japanese offering, their edge will not hold as long but their softer steel makes them a great workhorse knife for the harder tasks in the kitchen. K Sabatier Chef Knife 250mm Chef Knife INOX Stainless Steel Olive Wood Handle with Bolster 55-57 HRC No Knife-Box Included Forged in Thiers, France Whetstone finish-sharpened by hand, in-house Edge Length: 249mm | Overall Length: 375mm | Blade Height: 48mm | Weight: 244g Important point for olive wood handles: it is a natural wood. Do not wet the wood or leave it damp in order to keep a nice handle. If you get it wet, the wood can warp or stain towards the steel tang of the knife. You can sometimes feed the wood with oil.
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