The Matfer Bourgeat salad spin dryer XL with a 10 or 20 litre capacity is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Able to easily dry freshly rinsed salad of choice ready for any dressings, without the annoyance of dilution and loss of flavour. Features a flexible, multiple gear system that allows a salad to be tossed with minimal effort per turn, saving you time and energy. Includes a transparent lid that allows you to monitor your salad and ensure flawless results. Matfer Bourgeat have chosen a stylish colour scheme that easily fits into the modern household, with its mixture of dark to light grey mixing bowl and bright green handle. The combination of easy to clean Polypropylene & Polycarbonate plastic material ensures that cleaning is fast and simple; guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene for your home. Product features Capacity 20 Ltr Dimensions 475(H) x 470(W) x 475(D)mm Material Polypropylene & Polycarbonate Weight 4.851kg Colour Grey & Green Multiple gear system, good flexibility and less effort to turn the handle Polycarbonate transparent lid,easy to see the spin level Wide aerated basket, effective spinning Stability, low and wide shape, good stability
SKU: MA447

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