The KH Electronic Scale 5kg is a quality scale for measuring and weighing food. KH Electronic Scale 5kg is used in the Australian hospitality industry. Firstly, this portion control scale easily accommodate a wide variety of ingredients. Its readout can change between pounds, ounces, and grams, and its tare function makes it easy to add ingredients together. An easy-to-read 5.7 x 2cm LCD display screen tells you weights at a glance. The textured plastic platform are easy to clean simply wipe after every use. For convenience, this scale can run on an AC adapter or four “AA” batteries (sold separately) for consistent power supply. Secondly, the low battery indicator lets you know when to replace the batteries. Also, an auto-shutoff feature saves batteries when the scale is not in use. Above all, practicing precise portion control saves money, keeps product consistency and customer satisfaction high. Its compact size ideal for weighing out test batches for new recipes or for portioning out a variety of ingredients including spices and cooking agents. This versatile scale will meet your exact portioning needs, including checkweighing food portions in a fast-food restaurant, formulating paint mixtures by weight, verifying parcel weights in a shipping department, portioning in service areas, or counting by weight. Thirdly, the commercial grade digital display complete with On/Off Button. Most of all, the digital food scale meets the rigorous use within the commercial industry. Simply transport the scale to wherever you need to use it. Thanks to its removable stainless steel bowl, this mechanical portion control scale is easy to clean and sanitize between uses. Plus, thanks to its stainless steel body, the scale is extremely durable and will hold up under heavy-use. The KH Steel Scale makes the perfect kitchenware item for any food serving business.
SKU: TZ027

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