Texture Modifier & Jellying Agent. Agar agar is a natural vegetarian thickening agent, that can replace animal gelatin in many recipes. Perfect for use in jelly, terrine, mousse, panacotta, cream, bavaroise, entremet and more! Can be used in any kind of liquid or semi-liquid elaboration, based on water or fruit juices (but the more acidic the fruit, the less it gels). Dosage: 2 - 6g / kg - depending on the degree of hardness desired (15g / kg max dosage). Direction of use: Add to your liquid preparation, mix it to avoid lumps. Heat to 90ºC and use immediately. Can be reheated as many times as necessary, the gelling temperature is 60ºC. Tip: Agar is 8 times more powerful than gelatin! Size: 500g. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. Kosher Certified.
SKU: FG570

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