DISCOVER ALMOND INSPIRATION The first of its kind, ALMOND INSPIRATION - 250g - 8.82oz, features the creamy texture of chocolate with the sweet intensity of pure natural almond. Ground almonds are mixed with cocoa butter, sugar and lecithin to create a completely unique product with all the freshness of almonds in the form of a chocolate. What makes INSPIRATION exceptional? - The unique texture of Chocolate. INSPIRATION can be used just like any other Valrhona chocolate couverture. - An intense flavor and color. Developed using Valrhona's R&D expertise. - 100% natural ingredients. No preservatives, added colors, or artificial flavors! This product is naturally non-dairy. This product is Kosher certified. Chefs' Warehouse do not use refrigerated courier transport. Please consider if this is the correct option for your situation. Please note we cannot refund or exchange any food products.
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