Dulcey 35% Blonde Chocolate Chips are a must-have for baking and cooking. Smooth, creamy and brimming with childhood nostalgia. Not quite as sweet as white chocolate, this velvety delight displays notes of buttery shortbread, vanilla fudge, salted caramel and malted milk biscuits. This caramelised couverture has been formed into Valrhona’s trademark ‘feves’ – a bean-shaped drop that is easy to measure out and quick to melt. Although these can be used for making anything from truffles to tarts, Valrhona recommends them for coating apricots, bananas and mangos; moulding into shapes; combining with flavours like hazelnut, coffee and caramel; or making mousses and ice creams. Chefs' Warehouse do not use refrigerated courier transport. Please consider if this is the correct option for your situation. Please note we cannot refund or exchange any food products.
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